Medical tourism. Chihuahua’s your better choice! Medical tourism. Chihuahua’s your better choice!

Medical Tourism is an alternative for foreign patients, seeking to improve their life quality at the best cost. They are provided with comforts at best prices, to carry out necessary treatments or surgical procedures.

Did you know that Mexico is the best option for Medical Tourism?

Medical treatments carried out in our country can be 40% to 60% cheaper compared to Northern America. Currently, Mexico is the second-best country in the world for Medical Tourism activity, since it offers numerous pluses:

• More accessible costs.
• Lodging from Best to Cheapest.
• Quality transportation.
• High-level Medical interventions and procedures.
• Ease of access to the country.

Orma Med as a leader in Medical Tourism.

We care about your experience.

That’s why we partnered with the best hotel in the area, and we offer safe transportation. Don’t worry about your stay or transport arrangements.
We have world-class facilities, to serve your recovery the best way.

Thinking on you and your health, we also offer:

• Agreements with different insurers.
• Personalized monitoring by a doctor attending your treatment.
• Nutritionist service.
• Psychological service, before and after your procedure.
• Agreement with the best hotel in Ciudad Juárez.
• Transport.
• Payment and financing plans.

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