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Our team

  • Dr. Oscar Ortiz
    CEO, Medical Director, General surgery, Digestive and Endocrine Surgery, Advanced Laparoscopy and Endoscopy.

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    Dr. Ana Marquez

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    Dr. Gilberto Mena Arias
    General Surgery, Advance Laparoscopy and Endoscopy

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    Dr. Juan Ramón Morales
    General Medicine

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  • Dr. Ramon Parada Gasson
    Angiology, Vascular Surgery

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    Dr. Elías Miguel Chavez
    General Medicine

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  • We currently have the support of the best hotel in this region, whose excellent service and comfortable rooms ease the stay of our valued customers. When a patient faces a short or long term hospital stay, family, friends or people coming along can stay comfortably in their facilities.

    Some people come to us only for consultation or treatment. In these cases, hospitalization is not necessary, so a comfortable and relaxing stay at the hotel is the best choice. We have different types of rooms ranging from a single or double suite to executive rooms with ample space and kitchenette. All the best price available in the area and in the best location in the city. Look no further. You have found us. Contact us and we will prepare everything necessary for your visit.

  • Services available during your stay:
    • Laundry service and 24-hour access to a laundry room.
    • Restaurant with complimentary American-style breakfast.
    • Transportation
    • Room service
    • Internet / WiFi
    • Free access to the best gym in town
    • Pool, Jacuzzi
    • Business center with computers, printer, fax and everything you need to remotely work on your business.


Contamos con un laboratorio clínico donde podemos realizar cualquier estudio requerido en un periodo corto de tiempo. Teniendo a su disposición equipo de la más alta tecnología, con certificación de calidad y referencia nacional e internacional. Laboratorio clínico y molecular
• Biometría Hemática
• Examen General de Orina
• Smac
• Exámenes Antidoping
• Pruebas Hormonales
• Serología
• Parasitología
• Marcadores Virales
• Preoperatorios
• Marcadores Tumorales
• Inmunología y Endocrinología


• Resonancia
• Tomografía
• Mamografía
• Ecocardiograma
• Ultrasonido
• Radiología

Para más información sobre otros estudios de diagnóstico por favor no dude en contactarnos y con gusto le ayudaremos a resolver sus dudas. (Contacto)

Orma Med collaborates with the civil association CITEMEQ, together perform great works of medical research, seeking to expand current knowledge and promote scientific research on our border. On the other hand, CITEMEQ uses much of its funds to support low-income people with health problems, especially focusing toward obesity and diabetes. Currently, these diseases afflict millions of Mexicans, our country has the second most obese people in the world, with the United States in the first place.